Woo hoo! It's finally 2014! We know this is gonna be a great year! We love you guys! Happy New Year! <3
-Sam and Angel
We haven't talked to you guys in forever! I feel so bad now! I'm sorry guys, we'll try to update more. Happy Friday!
What do you guys think of our new quote? -Angel
Thank you Guys so much!!!!! we Made it too 1,000 view actually over!!!I Can't thank you enough for doing this!Just letting you Guys know we will love you forever
Hey everyone! I am so exstremely sorry I haven't been blogging lately! I hope you guys had a great Halloween! Big news guys! We are almost up to 1,000 views! Thank you so much eveyone, this is just amazing! Keep logging on to get more news and tell your friends and family to check out our site! Oh, also for the song of the week, I think you guys should vote on Desperate Measures by Marianas Trench or Story of My Life by One Direction but it's your choice, just putting it out there! Well I love you guys! Bye bye!
-Angel <3
Hey guys!!! We are extremely sorry We are having Computer issues, So were sorry We will update as soon as we can
but the Song of the week is
My heart will go on by Celiné Dion(spelled wrong)
and Comment for this blog the next song of the week
here's the selection of songs
Stay the night by Zedd ft. Hayley Williams
Wanted by Hunter Hayes
Story of my life by One direction
Desperate measures by Marinas Trench
Royals by Lorde
I want Crazy by Hunter Hayes
Good luck and my the odds be ever in  your favor! -Samantha and Angel
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!
i hope you have a spooky night/day i hope you gets lots of candy or go to parties
i hope you dress up!!!!!
Angel and i are dressing upAngel is a Kitty Cat!
Im a Goddessafter school we will upload pictures when we start to get ready
bye guys!
its almost Halloween y'all!!! get ready for alot of picture that will be posted!!!! can't wait
Sleeping over with the Angell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 were having so much fun we practiced our Halloween make up and not were doing our nails and planning on making videos for y'alls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
theres better pictures but this is one!!!!!!!!!! we each did our own make up how did we do?
Guys I really want to actually get to know all of you! So if you would like to talk to me about anything, anything at all. Your problems, insecurities, anything. I'm here for you guys. So if you'd like to talk look for me on Kik.
Angel's Kik: Angeltaco123
I got high lights guys! I wanted a change so I though why not high lights? This picture looks like I have all blonde hair but it's brown still with a LOT of blonde streaks. What do you guys think? Leave comments down below!
Hey everyone, I was sick today and had to stay from home but I'm in a amazingly good mood. I think it is because I had my music all day long. Music has gotten me through so much. I know I sound really cheesey right now but it's true. Music is what pushed me to get up everyday when I was living in the foster home. Well we will be posting a video soon guys and I'm hoping it will be this Friday. Love you guys!
went to the Mud races today ,wasn't as boring i was just playing frisbee with my friend Alex all day ,and the other half being hungry eating and drinking lol
What's with little kids coming up to me and saying random things lol this little girl at the mud races came into me and was talking about the car flipping and then she walked away
So yesterday, I found a Baby Beau Brooks he was so adorable!!!!
Hey guys, It's Angel. Sam is really angry with me and I'm not sure why. She posted a status on Facebook saying "I hate you" but it didn't say who she hated. Even though it didn't I have feeling she was talking about me. Sam is the greatest friend I've ever had and she hates me. That kills me. I wish she didn't have me because I love her like a sister and I don't want ANYTHING to tear us apart. She is my best friend and want her to stay my best friend for the rest of my life. Sam, I love you like a sister and I really hope you don't hate me by Monday.

Angel and Sam at school yesterday.
That the waldron symbol and Ashley with her peace sign