What do you guys think of our new quote? -Angel
Thank you Guys so much!!!!! we Made it too 1,000 view actually over!!!I Can't thank you enough for doing this!Just letting you Guys know we will love you forever
Hey everyone! I am so exstremely sorry I haven't been blogging lately! I hope you guys had a great Halloween! Big news guys! We are almost up to 1,000 views! Thank you so much eveyone, this is just amazing! Keep logging on to get more news and tell your friends and family to check out our site! Oh, also for the song of the week, I think you guys should vote on Desperate Measures by Marianas Trench or Story of My Life by One Direction but it's your choice, just putting it out there! Well I love you guys! Bye bye!
-Angel <3
Hey guys!!! We are extremely sorry We are having Computer issues, So were sorry We will update as soon as we can
but the Song of the week is
My heart will go on by Celiné Dion(spelled wrong)
and Comment for this blog the next song of the week
here's the selection of songs
Stay the night by Zedd ft. Hayley Williams
Wanted by Hunter Hayes
Story of my life by One direction
Desperate measures by Marinas Trench
Royals by Lorde
I want Crazy by Hunter Hayes
Good luck and my the odds be ever in  your favor! -Samantha and Angel